Database Development

Unless otherwise stated, databases were
developed with Microsoft Access and VBA.

Customer Subscription Management

A database for managing Customer registrations, payments, cancellations and refunds.

Auto generates a schedule for customer Subscription Payments by Credit Card, Direct Debit or Cheque.

Exports Direct Debit instructions for submission to a DD Payment Processor. This file includes relevant customers' bank account details, payment amount and BACS code.

Sales database

Sales & Inventory Database

Maintenance of the Chichester Paper Bag home office database and the sales database deployed on portable computers for field staff.

Development of new database features, for example an early warning system for field staff, triggered when creating new orders for any customer with unpaid invoices exceeding a given threshold.

Sales database

Royalty Tracking Database

Developed two databases for Summersdale Publishing, one for AudioBook products, and one for eBooks.

Sales data is imported from retailers' spreadsheet files. Royalty statements are then printed for Publishers, Authors, and Studios (latter for AudioBooks only).

Royalties are determined by stepped royalty rates, which may vary each year, and advance payments are accounted for.

Royalty tracking database

Engineering Drawing Archive & Retrieval System

This database was developed for a vintage car restoration company. It indexes archived engineering drawings, which can be printed by workshop staff.

Dairy Management System

Developed for FDC, this commercial application features:

  • Data Entry: Animal Identity, Breeding, Milk Yield, Health, and EU Premia.

  • Data Extraction: Herd Setup, Milk Recording, and Electronic Tag Reader.

  • Data Export (by Email): Animal Events, and Calf Registration.

User interface developed with Visual Basic. Back-end is a Microsoft Access database. Crystal Reports is used for reporting.  View screenshots

Dairy Management System database

Telecoms Utility

On subcontract to TalkTel, developed the configuration utility for a Lake Communications telephone switch, which is manufactured for British Telecom. This involved modifying the Visual Basic code of an existing utility, and adding new features.

Occuhealth & Safety Services

Designed a database for recording hazard data and publishing Safety Statements.