Freelance Computer Programmer
Supporting businesses, self-employed individuals, and other organisations located mainly in Chichester and surrounding areas of West Sussex and Hampshire, and elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.
Providing design, modification and maintenance services for database and web projects, plus general office IT support.

Recently Completed Projects

Database Development

Managing an increasing amount of business data can be time consuming, when stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. As an alternative, consider a custom Microsoft Access database. It will simplify the collection, storing, and retrieval of information, saving valuable time.

  • Input data from diverse external sources.
  • Maintain data integrity through validation of data input and avoiding duplicate data.
  • Query and filter data on screen, or in printed reports.
  • Export data to other Microsoft Office applications.
  • Allow multiple networked users simultaneous access to the back-end database from their own computers.

 Example client database projects

Database functions

Web Development

Various web site types suit different purposes, including those described below.

Brochure Web Site

An entry-level web site, offering an initial web presence, with a Home Page and other typical pages, e.g. Products & Services, About Us, Contact Us. Page content is usually not updated frequently, and a web designer must do each update.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is ideal for busy web sites, where staff members or content providers frequently add fresh content. Password access is role-based, giving more control and management
of the web site content.

Brochure web sites can be retrofitted with a basic editing system, so the owner can upload photos and graphics, and edit text in defined Editable Regions within a page, rather than waiting for a web designer, and paying extra costs.

Basic content editing system

eCommerce Web Site

An eCommerce web site catalogues details of your products or services for sale online. Customers can buy online, with the confidence that credit card payments are secure.

The web site owner uploads product updates (categories, descriptions, prices, etc), and downloads customer orders.

 Example client web projects

Secure payment online