CV Summary

Work Experience

Self-employed IT Support Database application design, and Web development.
AT&T Network Systems Supervisor,
Design Engineer.
Supervise Processor & Software Group. Intel 8051 micro-controller hardware design and programming.
Hyster Project Leader,
Design Engineer.
Supervise AGV software group. Intel 8051 assembler programming.
Telectron Design Engineer Electronic circuit design. Motorola 6800/6809 assembler programming.
Hewlett Packard Student Engineer Prototype PCB layout,
test and modification.
Institute for Industrial Research & Standards Electronic Technician Build and test digital and analog circuits.
Neve Electronic Laboratories Electronic Technician Build and test audio module prototypes.

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Third Level Education

National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick B.Sc. in Electronic Systems

College of Technology, Dublin

Diploma in Electronics